Boiling Cold brings you independent news and insight into energy, industry and climate in Western Australia.

There is a lot to cover as WA's geographic isolation is no shield from global forces.

Iron ore miners worry about their customers' carbon footprints. LNG producers are both attacked and praised for their impact on carbon emissions. Miners of battery minerals ride the bumps to chase the electric vehicle boom. Workers not made redundant by overseas outsourcing are moved to labour-hire firms with less pay and security. Mining investment booms again but the WA economy does not.

These issues affect us all but often coverage focuses on returns to investors or which politician has the best spin.

Boiling Cold is news for the rest of us: employees, suppliers, customers, communities and the curious; those who want the see worthwhile jobs for themselves and their children, the environment protected, taxes paid and governments working for their citizens.

Boiling Cold is written by Peter Milne, who covered energy for The West Australian and has since written for The Saturday Paper and numerous industry publications. Prior to journalism, he had a 20-plus years oil and gas career in engineering, economic analysis and commercial negotiation roles.

Reporting is subject to the Australian Journalist Code of Ethics.

In addition to Boiling Cold, Peter does freelance journalism and industry research.

As a one-person show Boiling Cold needs your help, so please make contact if you have any ideas for stories or tips on what is happening.

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